Christmas is coming and usually at this time I'm preparing for my busiest month of the year. Last Christmas I performed 32 shows in 3 weeks at a combination of corporate and private Christmas parties. One week I started off in London, then a flight to Jersey, back home for shows in Bath, Portsmouth and Manchester, another flight to the Channel Islands, this time to Guernsey, flew back to Gatwick where I got a connecting flight to Paris, back home the following morning for a drive up to Liverpool followed by Milton Keynes and ending up with final show of the week back in London. Exhausting!! This year I was prepared for a Christmas period lying in bed, eating chocolate but much to my surprise bookings have been flooding in for virtual Christmas entertainment. It appears that people and companies are still going ahead with their Christmas parties but this year it will be done online. 

Online Christmas Party Entertainment

My VIRTUAL MAGIC SHOW is ideal for Christmas party entertainment as it's fully interactive. All your guests, whether it's a corporate or private party will take part in the show engaging in acts of mind reading and mental magic. Click HERE for more details about the show and click HERE for details of my Christmas shows. There are three main positives about being able to perform at virtual Christmas parties. First is cost, these shows will be considerably cheaper than my standard, real world Christmas shows. Second is location, no more driving around the country for hours on end, no matter where in the world you and your guests are I can be there and with no extra cost for travel and accommodation. Finally availability. On a good day I may be able to perform at two events if I can travel in time from one to the other. With online shows lasting between 30 minutes to an hour on average I will easily be able to perform at 5 to 10 events in an evening increasing the chance of you being able to book me. On a typical year the prime Christmas dates (Friday nights) are booked up years in advance, this year that won't be an issue.

How Does a Virtual Christmas Party Work?

Most of the questions you'll have can be answered HERE on my online magic show page but I'll summarise the basic details here. The show can take place on a number of platforms including Zoom, Microsoft teams and google hangouts. Zoom is probably the most popular and user friendly. I have a licence for Zoom so audience numbers and duration of show isn't an issue. I've performed online shows for groups as small as 2 and big as 200. As long as people have access to a computer and internet connection they can watch and take part. The show is fully interactive, everyone will take part. Sometimes the whole audience at once, other times one or two people at a time. It's a Christmas party so full audience interaction, feedback and fun are the priorities. The most common way for me to perform at events of this nature is for me to join you at some point during the party. I will introduce myself and then perform my mind reading show for your preferred duration. I'll stick around after a performance to answer any questions about the show and chat and then leave you to enjoy your party. Really it's a standard Christmas party, just virtual and no one needs to worry about getting a taxi home after or embarrassing themselves in front of their colleagues! 

Virtual Christmas Party Entertainment

Ok, that's enough of my mindless rambling. Head over to the main website for more details about what it is I do, HERE. Use the contact form to get in touch of give me a call on 07814 135569 or email to discuss virtual entertainment for your Christmas party.

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