Edward’s fee depends on a variety of factors including type of show (close up or stage show), location of venue and duration of performance. Therefore every performance is priced individually (as well as receiving an individual unique performance). Please use the contact form to make an enquiry or telephone +44 (0)7814 135569 to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote for your event.

Edward is a full time performer and travels throughout the whole of the UK and the world to perform. Within the last year he has performed everywhere from London to New York. When Edward sends a quote this will include all travel costs, generally in the UK this will comprise of petrol or train fares. Further afield may include over night accommodation.

Edward does not perform specifically for younger children, you generally need a specialised children’s entertainer for this age group. Teenagers and upwards is absolutely fine. When Edward performs close up he is always happy to perform for any children that may be at the venue and has a number of more visual routines suitable for younger children.

Edward’s close up act can and has been performed practically anywhere. Big or small venue, indoors or outdoors, standing or sitting, Edward will bring everything with him to perform. Too much noise can be a problem, but as long as he can be heard without having to shout Edward will be happy to perform. The stage show and cabaret show are another matter. A certain amount of space will be required which will be dependant on audience numbers. For smaller venues (up to about 100 people) Edward can provide his own PA system and microphones. For larger venues these will need to be supplied. Full details of stage requirements will be supplied upon request.

Either telephone Edward on +44 (0)7814 135569 or click here. Please give as much information as you possibly can, such as date of event, location of venue, type of performance required, reason for event and approximate guest numbers. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and supply you with further information so you can proceed with your booking.

This is a really hard question to answer without knowing a few more details. As a general rule close up and table magic works best for weddings, the same would apply to casual drinks parties. Edwards dinner show is designed for dinner parties, both corporate and private and his cabaret show is ideal for after dinner events, generally for larger corporate events. I would advise giving Edward a call to discuss this in more detail as every event is different and each show is designed to suit your requirements.

Hmmm, well, thats a question you’re probably never going to get a completely honest answer to. Sometimes Edward will make allusions to psychology, sometimes to higher powers. At other times he’ll give a long drawn and quite blatantly fabricated explanation before admitting most of the time he just cheats! No matter how he does it his performance is guaranteed to entertain every time, leaving you and your guests thoroughly baffled.

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