Award winning magician and mind reader Edward Crawford has been performing his unique style of psychological illusion for over 15 years, and has captivated audiences throughout the world. Those who have witnessed his stage show or close up at parties and corporate events have never failed to be astounded by the experience.

Edward’s unique demonstrations of the power of the mind have included predicting the headlines of national newspapers weeks in advance, driving blindfolded, duplicating drawings made by a person in another room, and playing Russian Roulette (which Edward describes as terrifying, stupid, dangerous and a little invigorating!).

As a child Edward performed magic for friends and family but became bored with the standard fare of card tricks, women being cut in half and generally brutalised in strangely shaped boxes. This led Edward to question whether a person who had true magical powers would spend their days insisting people take a card, and materialising doves and bunnies from top hats.

Whilst studying for a masters in a psychology, (which he insists he will get round to completing one day), Edward started to explore the esoteric field of parapsychology, the supernatural and the art of the con, eventually combining these elements into his unique performance. Within a few years Edward's act was in demand throughout the UK. Newspapers started to publicise his feats and since the mid 90’s he has been performing full time.

Today Edward performs in theatres, conference rooms, hotels and private parties throughout the world. His clients include some of the UK’s biggest corporations, as well as performing at weddings and parties.

Whether you are looking for entertainment at a private event, a wedding, or corporate show Edward's mystifying act will be tailored to guarantee a truly unforgettable experience.