Parlour magic is an archaic term harking back to Victorian times, used to describe private shows magicians would performs in the homes of their wealthy patrons. Edward uses it to describe his specialist mind reading act most commonly performed at dinner parties (both private and corporate), and smaller, more intimate events.

“You were simply FABULOUS!!! Thank you for your mind blowing entertainment, everyone loved it!!!” – Legal And General


Ideal for approximately five to one hundred guests, Edward’s parlour act is an amalgamation of his close up and stage show, allowing you the opportunity to witness your own private show in the smallest of venues. When performed at dinner parties the show can be performed before or after the meal, or divided into acts between the courses of the meal.

“Thank you so much for last night. You were fantastic and I am truly mesmerised by your mindreading!” – Artemis Investment LLP


During a full show, lasting between 30 minutes to one hour, your guests will be personally involved and will not only spectate, but take part in demonstrations of mind reading, telekinesis and psychological deceptions that will never be forgotten. Each show is tailored to your requirements making every performance unique. No matter whether it’s a private house party, a dinner or a corporate event this is a show your guests will be talking about for a long time. The intimacy of this show allows everyone to be fully involved and engaged in the the performance. The comment that Edward hears most after this show is that if people saw these feats of the mind take place on television they’d assume the audience were in on it. To see it for real, just a few feet in front of you will make you question everything!

“A massive THANK YOU for last night. You were absolutely brilliant.” Mont Blanc

Parlour magic is particularly appropriate for corporate events. Ideal as an after dinner performance, where a stage show is required but space is limited. Edward will supply everything for the performance (even a PA and microphones for larger venues). Corporate themes, logos and products can be included in the performance to tailor the performance to the nature of your event. Edward has performed this show at all manner of corporate events, from intimate dinners for company directors to office parties. What makes this show so versatile is that it can be set up in just a few minutes and can be performed in any venue with minimum fuss.

“Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for last Friday. You were absolutely fabulous and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment that you spent with us.  Thank you once again for entertaining us.” – Royal Bank Of Canada

For private events Edward has performed this show at all manner of parties. Family dinners, birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries. You can have the theatrics of a stage show in the intimacy of your own home or at a dinner in a restaurant (generally a private dining room is required so as not to disturb other guests). When performing this show Edward will usually need about 30 minutes to set up and will bring everything for the show with him. Designed to be performed in the smallest of rooms, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

“Just to say thanks so much for Saturday evening. The guests were so impressed with your entertainment , especially the key bending. I had calls all day yesterday thanking me for booking such fab entertainment, and your name was mentioned again and again.” – Hastings Direct

Dinner Party Magician

This show was originally created to be performed at dinner parties. Over the years it has been performed for small intimate groups of just one table in a private home to an entire restaurant. The most popular way for this show to be performed is between courses of the meal. The first act of 20 minutes as people are seated followed by the second act between the starter and the main course and the finale prior to the dessert.


Whether its a private or corporate event Edward will ensure unique, original and truly spectacular entertainment for you and your guests. No matter the size of your event or venue you can hire a magician to perform your own private, astonishing show.