Hire a Magician for your corporate event…

If you’re planning a corporate event, and are looking for unique entertainment to make your event that much more memorable, then corporate magician Edward’s contemporary magic and mind reading would be the perfect choice.

“Best show I have ever seen or indeed booked. Edward performed at our work Christmas celebration event. It was a fantastic evening and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it… people have been talking about it for days and days following the event.”  – Price Waterhouse Cooper

Edward specialises in creating unique corporate entertainment for events including dinner and cocktail parties, team building days, trade shows, office parties, Christmas events and awards ceremonies. Whether you require a full stage show or an intimate close up performance, Edward will tailor his act to suit your purposes making each performance and event truly original.

“You were a huge hit and there has been a lot of discussion afterwards about how good you were and how impressed we all were. Our director is still carrying the key around with her that bent in her hand as a memento as she was so impressed and has been telling all her friends” – Marks and Spencer

What makes Edward stand out from most corporate magicians is that his specialises in this field of corporate event entertainment. Each year he performs roughly 150 shows for some of the worlds leading corporations including Glaxo Smith Kline, Nokia and Marks and Spencers. Each show is tailored to meet the requirements of the event and Edward will fit the theme and ethos of the event and company into his act. Edward can deliver a script tailored to your company that can promote a message brand or product in a fun, humorous manner. In the past he has even created an act where the CEO of the company was the mind reader!  To give potential clients an idea of the type of events he is performing at Edward recently set up a Facebook account to showcase some of his past work. HERE you will find photos from each week (when he remembers to update) demonstrating the type of events he is performing at.

“Thank you for attending our event on Thursday evening, our guests were utterly amazed and you continue to be discussed in the office over your talents!  It was truly brilliant, such art.” – Swiss Re

There are a number of different styles of performance that are popular at corporate events. The most popular is close up magic or table magic. Ideal for drinks parties and dinners Edward will mix and mingle with your guests performing in an intimate close up style. More details can be found on the Close Up page. Edward’s cabaret or stage show is ideal for larger events where all your guests are seated. Particular popular with awards ceremonies, product launches and a final show at the end of a team building day. This show is designed for corporate events and can incorporate the theme of the event or company details. More information regarding the stage show can be found HERE. For smaller events where you still require a show but don’t have the space for a full stage show Edward’s Parlour/Dinner show is ideal. Designed for smaller corporate events with anywhere from 10 to 100 guests this show offers the theatrics of a stage show in a more intimate setting. More details can be found HERE. Edward also performs at Trade shows and exhibitions, go to the TRADE SHOW page for more information. No matter the nature of your event Edward will tailor a performance to suit your purposes, guaranteeing a unique show.

“You were simply FAB!!! Thank you for your mind blowing entertainment, everyone loved it!!!” – Legal And General

Edward’s corporate magician act specialises in demonstrating the amazing power of the human thought. Using influence, psychology and deception, Edward will read minds, influence the present, predict the future and, on occasion, will demonstrate feats of psychokineses (moving objects with the mind). It really needs to be seen to be believed. No camera trickery, everything will be performed directly in front of you. Think of an old school friend, Edward will tell you their name and what they looked like. Draw a picture, open the envelope Edward handed you before you started to draw, it’s an identical image. Take a coin out of your pocket and watch it bend! All these and more can be witnessed both on stage and in intimate close up performances.

Edward also has a full virtual show designed for team meetings and all online corporate events. This show can be performed by Zoom, google hangouts, Microsoft teams etc. More details can be found HERE

“Edward demonstrated his professionalism from the start. He listened very carefully our expectations and tailored his show based on the intent of the event, time we had and the nature of audience. He arrived earlier than he should to complete his preparations and familiarize himself with the audience. All our guests at our corporate  lunch were so amazed with Edwards show. He has this great ability to get immediate attention of all the guests (ours was a multi cultural event with wide range of different backgrounds and ages) and keep them engaged throughout the show. After the show so many guests approached me to share their admiration to him.  I can recommend him with no hesitation.” – BP

Edward’s act not only includes his stunning mind reading abilities, but will incorporate full audience participation, and will keep even the most cynical entertained with a sharp, humorous delivery throughout. No matter what your requirements, Edward’s act is the perfect corporate entertainment and will ensure your corporate event will leave your guests and clients bemused, amazed, and talking about the show for a long time.

“I Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for last night. You were absolutely fantastic and our clients loved every minute.” – Office Space