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How much does it cost to hire a wedding magician

A question that seems to get asked all over the internet is "How much does it cost to hire a wedding magician?" 

All the articles I've read have gone on to describe what a wedding magician does but none of them seem to give an actual answer to the question. They all seem nothing more than click bait to get people to buy things! Here I'm going to try and give an actual answer, without giving you pages of nonsense to wade through. This is quite a hard question to answer exactly as my prices vary depending on a number of factors such as date of wedding, location and time of day a performance is required. There are times of the year such as the Christmas period when prices can increase. Most weddings take place on a Saturday and I will often perform at two in one day, performing at the drinks reception at one and the evening reception at another. If the times you require mean I can only perform at one event all day this can push up prices. Obviously travel is a factor, generally I can drive to most places and home in a day, but just occasionally a hotel may be necessary. So here we go some actual prices:

My basic rate starts at £390, this is generally for a 2 to 3 hour performance during one period of the wedding. If you were after a longer performance during say the drinks reception and wedding breakfast prices may go up to about £450. If the wedding is at a particularly quiet time of year, February being my slowest month or a quiet day, Monday and Tuesday, this can push prices down a bit to about £350. Whereas if it's a really popular day, such as a Friday in the run up to Christmas prices can go up to about £700 (generally I'm performing at corporate events at this time of the year).

If you take £390 as my average price, plus or minus £30 for travel etc that should give you a fair idea of how much it costs to hire a wedding magician. For an exact quote please get in touch using the contact form which can be found HERE. One thing I will mention is that many performers, venues and suppliers to weddings will push up their prices for a wedding. I do the opposite. Most of my work during the week is at corporate  events for large multinational corporations. My prices for a wedding will always be lower and far more affordable than for these events.

For more details on hiring a wedding magician please go over to my wedding page HERE.

Edward Crawford is a professional magician and mind reader. Each year he performs at over 150 events throughout the UK and the world. Over the last 3 years he has been awarded the best UK wedding magician by Lux magazine. 




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