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Award winning magician and mind reader

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Welcome to the website of Suffolk Magician and Mind Reader Edward Crawford. Each year Edward performs at over 150 shows throughout the UK and Suffolk. He is one of the few full time professional magicians in the UK. Thanks to his reputation for reliability, professionalism and his highly entertaining and skilled performances is regularly booked by some of the countries leading companies, entertainment agencies and private clients. Check out his REVIEWS to see what they have to say.

Edward has a wide variety of performance styles to suit your event. These include a close up performance, table magic, a full stage show, and a smaller dinner show. Each show will be tailored to your event so you are guaranteed a unique performance. As a Suffolk magician Edward performs at over 150 shows each year at events including weddings, Christmas parties, corporate events, tradeshows and private parties. So whether you are having a banquet, a ball, a charity event, a work party or a small private dinner Edward will create an act to suit your needs.

Edward’s act is a little different from your standard magic performance. He performs a type of magic known professionally as mentalism. This refers to magic of the mind, sometimes known as psychological illusion or psychic entertainment. In a typical performance both close up and on stage Edward will read minds, plucking impossible to know thoughts from the minds of the guests, predict the future, and influencing the present so that you’re seemingly random decisions can be shown to have been predicted in advance. This is the most grown up and genuine form of magic which will astonish the most cynical of audience. There are only a few full time professional Magicians in the UK and Edwards reviews and awards have shown him to the very best.

To see Edward in action go to his VIDEO page or the GALLERY for pictures of some of the thousands of events Edward has performed at. You can find reviews HERE. In the last year Edward has set up a facebook page for past clients to post reviews, pictures and videos from his shows. You can find that HERE.

If you’re after a Suffolk Magician and want an act that is unique and your guests will be talking about for months to come contact Edward today for more details. You can contact Edward via the contact form below, call him on 07814 135569 or email info@edwardcrawford.co.uk You can also arrange a skype call with Edward where he will read your mind over the internet.


Suffolk Magician Reviews

Magical, mind reading brilliance. Left us all completely bewildered. People will be discussing this show for months. Extraordinary

David Clark – Mercedes Benz International 


I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on Saturday and for managing to get around all the tables. I’ve had lots of great feedback on how interesting everyone found your show, which was exactly the reaction I was looking for.  

Tracey Emsden – Ipswich Building Society

I wanted to send you a quick email to say a massive thanks for being such a big part of our wedding day. Since the big day we’ve had so many nice things said, but a lot of the comments refer to how good you were and how much your performances added to the day itself. It will be a pleasure to recommend you if I ever get the chance and should I ever need for an entertainer of your ilk again you can bet I’ll give you a call – it really was superb and both Claire and I are thrilled that you were part of our big day.

Chris and Claire Truman


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Close up magician Suffolk

Last week I had the pleasure of performing in Melton, Suffolk at a 50th birthday celebration for 100 guests. The client required a close up magician to entertain her guests for 2 hours throughout a n informal drinks party and buffet meal.  The event started at 7pm and I advised a starting time for my performance at 8pm. This would give the guests an opportunity to get in the door, get drinks in hand and greet one another before I got started. Throughout the evening most of the guests were standing in small groups which made my style of psychological magic, illusion and mentalism particularly suitable. A more traditional magician may require tables to perform on but my magic can be performed in the spectators hands or even just their minds!
At the end of the evening I decided to give a special performance for the birthday girl. We gathered together a few of the guests to act as witnesses to what was about to enfold. I can’t go in to detail about the routine I performed as it is something quite special and unique but if you ever get the opportunity to see me perform ask if you can see my “special finale”. After years of performing this it still leaves me astonished and most guests either speechless or bewildered with questions as to what they’ve just seen. The whole night was an absolute pleasure, thank you so much to Sam and her guests for a wonderful evening.
If you have an event coming up in Suffolk and require a magician either for close up or on stage, whether it’s a private event, a wedding, a dinner , banquets or a corporate event and want to hire a magician in Suffolk please get in touch to discuss the performance that will best suit your event.

Wedding magician Suffolk

On Friday evening I was booked to perform at the wedding reception of Faye and Neil at the beautiful venue of Woodhall Manor in Sutton, Suffolk. Had a bit of a panic finding the location as my sat nav decided to take me miles away from the venue but thankfully I always plan to arrive an hour early in case of such issues so still managed to arrive with 15 minutes to spare. Lesson to self, always check where the sat nav is taking me before I leave home!

I was booked to perform between 5 pm to 7pm during a relaxed drinks reception. They were very fortunate to have beautiful sunny day so the reception took place in the stunning gardens of Woodhall manor. I mixed and mingled with the guests whilst they ate and drank, some seated, some standing, performing close up routines for small groups. The biggest challenge of the day was the fact that most of the guests were wearing sunglasses (it was very sunny, they weren’t pretending to be rockstars) which can make it hard to read people, the eyes really do give a lot away. Once I had sunglasses removed I proceeded to read minds and influence and predict the guests behaviour.

Due to the nature of what I do, the more psychological side of magic, it can be very hard to practice new routines, I know friends and family too well and routines will always work differently with them than with complete strangers so to practice anything new I have to jump in the deep end and try it out on strangers. I took this opportunity to try out a new routine on a couple of people who asked me to see something else. By this point I’d already had a chance to read them so had an idea what would work so I gave my new routine a first try out. This is something I am working on for my stage show. It’s always nerve wracking trying something new and I never have any idea how it will pan out. Very pleased to say I had a 100% success rate and fantastic feedback. Such a wonderful feeling when an idea that has only previously existed in my head works out exactly as planned. Before anyone asks, yes, the complete opposite does sometimes happens and a new idea turns into a complete disaster, I never know until I try though.

I had a fantastic evening at the wedding and stayed on an extra hour as so many people kept asking me to how them something else. A big thank you to everyone at Woodhall Manor for their help and thank you to Neil and Faye for the booking. 

If you want to hire magician in Suffolk for your wedding or any other event please get in touch to find out what performance will suit your event. I Look forward to hearing from you.

Corporate magician Suffolk

On Wednesday night I was booked by Mercedes Benz to perform close up magic at their Ipswich branch whilst their clients and customers waited to receive their new cars at midnight, the new number plate was made available at this time, a six monthly occurrence.

Whilst the customers signed the paperwork to receive their cars and awaited midnight I was hired to keep them entertained. I was booked to perform between 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm and mingled with the guests in the showroom. As I was only performing for small groups at a time it meant I could really engage and spend a lot of time with people which meant I could give each group an in depth performance. This was a rare treat, particularly for corporate events which are often quite rushed. I took the opportunity to read the mind of every guest, whether they chose to think of simple images, names of old friends or random words. There was a bit of a gambling theme to the evening so I tried out a gambling routine on a number of people, demonstrating how easy it would be to win every time if I was in a position where I only had to predict human nature and not be up against unpredictable machines such as roulette wheels and the lottery. 

Events of this nature are perfect for a close up magician and mind reader as the guests will have a couple of hours of standing around with little to do and entertainment is always welcomed. A comment I heard a lot over the evening was how when people saw the style of mind magic I perform on TV they often assume it is camera trickery or stooges are used, seeing it for real in a close up, one on one situation is utterly astonishing! Hearing things like this is wonderful and is exactly the reaction I hope for

It was a fantastic evening with fabulous feedback and lots of very satisfied customers. Unfortunately i couldn’t afford a new car but I do have my eye on the Mercedes brand nodding dog, yup, they really do sell one and I really do want it! A big thank you to everyone at Mercedes for the booking, look forward to seeing you again in 6 months when the next cars are released.

If you after a close up magician in Suffolk for a corporate event or any other type of event, contact Edward today to discuss the ideal performance for your event.

Close Up Magician

Close Up Magician Suffolk

Edward will mix with your guests, whether seated or standing, engaging them in intimate displays of his stunning mind reading and contemporary magic.

Wedding Magician

Wedding Magician Suffolk

A wedding magician is the perfect way to entertain your guests with a truly astonishing and unforgettable performance during the quiet periods of the day

Corporate Event Magician

Corporate Event Magician Suffolk

Edward specialises in creating unique corporate entertainment for events including dinner and cocktail parties, team building days, trade shows and awards ceremonies.

Christmas Party Magician

Christmas Party Magician Suffolk

From small, intimate private parties, to grand balls and banquets, Edward’s performance will ensure a magical and memorable event over the festive period.

Stage Show Magician

Stage Show Magician Suffolk

Edward’s stage show combines amazing demonstrations of mind reading with humour, all the while ensuring that the audience get to participate throughout the entire show.

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician Suffolk

A combination of the theatrics of a stage show whilst allowing Edward to interact with each of your guests, making the whole performance far more intimate and personal.

“The best show I’ve booked ever”
World Bank Group
“Absolutely superb. We were stunned”
Nokia UK
“Magical, mind reading brilliance. Left us completely bewildered”
David Clark - Mercedes Benz International
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