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Award winning magician and mind reader

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Edward Crawford

East Sussex Magician

Award winning magician and mind reader

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East Sussex Magician

Mind reader, psychological illusionist and contemporary magician Edward Crawford has been performing as an East Sussex Magician for the past 15 years. Edward performs both close up and on stage, so, whether you are looking for an East Sussex magician for a private party, a corporate event, a trade show, a banquet, a Christmas party, a ball, a dinner party, or a wedding ,Edward’s act will be tailored to suit your requirements.

If you’ve been lumbered with the unenviable task of trawling the internet looking for a magician for your event then you will have discovered by now there are an awful lot of people claiming to be the best. Edward is one of the few full time professional magicians in the UK and performs at over 150 events each year. You can find out what past clients have to say on the TESTIMONIALS page. You can find pictures and videos of Edward performing on the GALLERY page and VIDEO page. Over the last year Edward has set up a facebook page for past clients to post pictures and videos of Edward in action and to leave reviews. That can be found HERE.

Edward’s unique and award winning style of mentalism (psychological illusion) combines alternative magic with psychology to create one of the most astonishing, outstanding and inexplicable acts you will ever see. Whether he is reading minds, making impossible predictions, or engaging in telekinesis (bending metal with his mind), Edward creates a hugely entertaining grown up style of magic that will leave even the most cynical with a sense of wonder.  Some of Edwards stunning presentations of the power of the mind have included driving around a racing track blindfolded (not recommended!), duplicating drawings made by a person in another room and bending coins held in the hands of his audience.

Whether you are looking for a close up performance or a cabaret show, Edward will be the perfect entertainer to make your event truly unique and memorable. 

If you would like to hire an East Sussex magician or require further information simply fill in the enquiry form below.

East Sussex Magicians – Reviews

A massive THANK YOU for last night. You were absolutely brilliant
Martin Schnabl –  Mont Blanc

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how brilliant you were last night at our Christmas Party. You still have all the staff here at AIB International trying to work out how you managed to do what you did. I have been to many shows of this nature, but you have to be by far the ‘Most entertaining and skilled performer’, and that was the whole teams opinion. You were simply mesmerising all through the evening, not and bored person in the room, Worth every penny for the fantastic work you did. We will definitely be asking you to perform again for us soon !!!

Amanda Elliot – AIB International

Wow wow wow!!!! Thankyou so much for such amazing entertainment. So talented, professional and entertaining, everyone so impressed by the variety of tricks performed. Worked his way around so that everyone got involved and left all guests speechless, still trying to figure out how it was all done. Would highly recommend Edward. Thankyou for a fab evening.

Kiera Kilmartin

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Wedding magician East Sussex

On Sunday afternoon I was booked to perform at a wedding reception at Buxted Park Hotel, Uckfield in East Sussex.

I had met Marc and Lisa, the couple getting married at another event just a week ago. Within minutes of seeing me perform they asked if I was available on Sunday for their wedding. Always a fantastic compliment to receive a booking in such a way. Generally I am booked solid when it is just a few weeks to go but fortunately it was a Sunday afternoon which is usually quiet and I could fit them in as long as I could get away by 6pm for an evening booking.

Marc and Lisa wanted a close up magician to perform during the drinks reception as the ceremony finished and throughout part of the wedding breakfast. They were having the speeches at the beginning of the breakfast (always a good idea I think as it gets the nerve wracking part for the groom and father of the bride out of the way early so they can enjoy their meal!). I advised them that the best time to perform would be during the second half of the drinks reception, the first half usually entails photos and people chatting after the ceremony and throughout the breakfast up until the dessert. This gave them a two hour performance.

I always like it when I get to split a performance into two parts as it gives me more of a chance to get to know people and to show everyone two routines. Due to the nature of the psychological magic and mind reading I perform this means I will know what will work best with certain people so during the second performance during the wedding breakfast I could be a lot more direct and perform some of the hardest most powerful material in my repertoire. I ended the afternoon with a special routine for the bride and groom which all the watching guests kindly gave a standing ovation! It was a fantastic afternoon and a beautiful wedding in which I was very pleased to pick up a couple more bookings for later in the year. These were for Christmas party bookings, just a quick note that if you wish to hire a magician for your Christmas party then I only have about 4 dates left free in December so please book soon. A big thank you to Marc and Lisa for the booking and thank you to everyone at The Buxted Park Hotel for all their help.

If you want to hire magician in East Sussex for your wedding or any other event please get in touch to find out what performance will suit your event. I Look forward to hearing from you.

​ Close Up Magician East Sussex

Last Saturday I was booked to perform close up magic at a charity event in at the Ashdown Park Hotel, Forest Row, East Sussex. The event was for the Emile Faurie Foundation, a chrirt set up by Emile Faurie to allow disadvantage children the opportunity to ride horses. The event was a black tie three course meal with a charity auction. I was asked to perform throughout the meal performing close up magic at peoples tables.

I was booked for 2 hours but eneded up staying for about 3 hours to ensure I got around everyone. At each table of about 10 people I performed a ten minute routine, focusing mainly on mind reading and influence. A typical routine at a table would be to start with a warm up. I would write something down, ask someone to name a playing card (no cards were used, just imagine one) the card they named would be the same as I had written down. I would then move on to the mind reading. Generally I would ask someone to think of a number, maybe the first couple of numbers of their pin number, another person would be asked to think of a random word and a third person would be asked to draw a picture. I would then tell them what they were thinking a attempt to duplicate the drawing. Very pleased to have had about a 99% success rate throughout the evening, despite the amount of champagne that was being drunk (not by me unfortunately). 

It was a really enjoyable evening and I was very pleased to have taken a couple more bookings for next year from a number of guests who were attending. A big thank you to everyone at Ashdown Park hotel, East Sussex for their help throughout the evening. It really was an absolutely stunning venue. Massive thanks to Mary-Anne at the Emile Faurie Foundation for the booking. I hope to see you again at your next event.

If you’re looking to hire an East Sussex magician for your event please get in touch to discuss which performance would be most suitable for your event.

Magician East Sussex

New Years Eve is the one night of the year I can guarantee to be working. This year I was at the Sussex exchange in Hastings, East Sussex. They had a dinner and dance for paying guests, about 250 people in total. Myself and a fellow magician were booked to perform close up magic for the guests whilst they ate dinner and as later whilst the band played. I was booked for 4 hours between 7 to 11pm. New Years Eve can be a dodgy night to perform as people have been known to have a little too much to drink, I know, hard to believe, but everyone was on best behaviour which made it a pleasure to perform. Throughout the night I mixed with guests at their tables and whilst they stood around chatting and drinking. As there were so many people I kept things fairly simple throughout the evening, each time starting with a routine which looked at how suggestible people can be by making people think of random items that I had predicted in advance. I then moved onto a mind routine in which I would tell people names of people they merely thought of duplicating pictures they drew in secret. The evening was a lot of fun and I even manged to get home before midnight.

If you’re after close up magic in East Sussex for New years Eve please remember to book very early as this is a night I am certain to be booked well in advance for this night

Close Up Magician

Close Up Magician East Sussex

Edward will mix with your guests, whether seated or standing, engaging them in intimate displays of his stunning mind reading and contemporary magic.

Wedding Magician

Wedding Magician East Sussex

A wedding magician is the perfect way to entertain your guests with a truly astonishing and unforgettable performance during the quiet periods of the day

Corporate Event Magician

Corporate Event Magician East Sussex

Edward specialises in creating unique corporate entertainment for events including dinner and cocktail parties, team building days, trade shows and awards ceremonies.

Christmas Party Magician

Christmas Party Magician East Sussex

From small, intimate private parties, to grand balls and banquets, Edward’s performance will ensure a magical and memorable event over the festive period.

Stage Show Magician

Stage Show Magician East Sussex

Edward’s stage show combines amazing demonstrations of mind reading with humour, all the while ensuring that the audience get to participate throughout the entire show.

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician East Sussex

A combination of the theatrics of a stage show whilst allowing Edward to interact with each of your guests, making the whole performance far more intimate and personal.

“The best show I’ve booked ever”
World Bank Group
“Absolutely superb. We were stunned”
Nokia UK
“Magical, mind reading brilliance. Left us completely bewildered”
David Clark - Mercedes Benz International
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