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Award winning magician and mind reader

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Edward Crawford

Dorset Magician

Award winning magician and mind reader

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Dorset Magician -Edward Crawford is an award winning professional magician performing throughout Dorset.

Welcome to the website of Dorset magician and mind reader Edward Crawford. Here you will find details of the style of magic Edward performs, the events he performs at and the various performance options Edward can bring to your event. Each year Edward performs at over 200 events making him one of the few full time professional magicians in the UK. No event is too big or too small. Edward performs at everything from huge corporate events for companies such as BP, Glaxo and Apple to small private house parties, Christmas parties and of course weddings.

Edward has a number of different performances; close up magic is one of the most popular. The most relaxed of performances, Edward will mix and mingle with your guests performing for small groups, giving your guests their own private show, close up and personal. This style of performance is popular with casual drinks parties, weddings and dinners. 

His stage show is perfect for large corporate events, awards ceremonies and charity events. All your guests will be involved in the show; viewing and partaking in amazing demonstrations of mind magic. For smaller events where you are after the theatrics of a stage show but don’t have the room Edward has his parlour/dinner show. A cabaret show designed to be performed in any venue from your front room to a private dining room. Ideal for dinner parties and private events that will never be forgotten. More details for all the performances can be found on the SERVICES page or contact Edward directly for more details on hiring a Dorset magician.

Edward’s style of magic is best known as magic of the mind (the correct term is mentalism). In a typical performance, both close up and on stage, Edward will read minds, make impossible predictions and influence the decisions of audience members. Dorset Magician and Mind Reader Edward Crawford performs a unique and spectacular form of magic designed for a grown up audience who want to see a contemporary style of magic that will astound even the most cynical.

Over the years Edward has been fortunate to perform in some stunning locations as a Dorset including Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Wimborne, Gillingham, Weymouth, Bridport, Shaftsbury  and many more  

 All his shows are fully interactive with the audience making your guests the star of the show. Edward’s show is one you will never forget, check out the REVIEWS page to read what others have had to say or go to the FACEBOOK page to see reviews, pictures and amateur shot video left by past clients. To see Edward in action go to his VIDEO page or the GALLERY for pictures of some of the thousands of events Edward has performed at. Ultimately Edward’s performance is assured to leave you and the audience stunned, amazed, amused and astonished.

If you would like to book a Dorset magician or require further details simply fill in the enquiry form below, email Edward on info@edwardcrawford.co.uk or give him a call on 07814 135569. You can also arrange a Skype call with Edward where he will read your mind over the internet.

Magician Dorset – Reviews

Thank you for attending our event on Thursday evening, our guests were utterly amazed and you continue to be discussed in the office over your talents!  It was truly brilliant, such art.

Swiss Re.

How the hell do you know that? Thats crazy!

Marvin Humes – JLS & TV presenter

We had Edward perform at a private function last night for friends and family, I must say, just wow. I have had a chance to see mind reading and magic tricks in various bars and parties i have been to over the years and it is often hit and miss. With Edward however this was not the case and he managed to pull off and perform every trick, illusion and mind blowing performance with awe inspiring results and a coif, sophisticated and professional style. Thank you again Edward and anybody who is looking for entertainment and that something different that will leave guests talking of such a great night and/or event for decades to come, look no further!

Jack Paviour

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The following articles are taken from my old website. I have thousands of these detailing the various bookings I have performed throughout the UK. Here I have compiled a few from Dorset. Over the next few months I will endeavour to get the rest up here. In the mean time I hope these will give a basic idea of some of the events I perform at.

Party Magician Dorset

Private parties are one of my favourite places to perform. People are always relaxed and up for a fun evening. Last night I was in the beautiful village Winterbourne Hougton, Dorset performing at hen party. I had been booked to perform an hour long parlour show but as soon as I arrived I realised this wan’t going to be the ideal performance for the nature of the party. It was quite a raucous affair and the ladies had all been drinking for a while and I felt that they wouldn’t all want to sit and watch a show for an hour but would prefer something a little more relaxed. Thankfully I come prepared for any eventuality. I started off with some table magic performed for the guests as they ate and drank. After this some people went to the garden others into the lounge so I performed some very casual mix and mingle magic close up with individuals and small groups. After about an hour of close up everyone was asking to see one more thing so I called them into the lounge and performed a couple of routines from my parlour show (which I had planned to perform originally). These went down really well and I was asked for repeated encores for another hour. I pretty much performed until everyones mind had been read and every though well and truly described! It was a really fun evening and the ladies seemed to really enjoy themselves. The bride to be asked me to perform at the wedding but unfortunately I am already booked. A big thank you to Dawn for the booking and congratulations to Mikayla on the forthcoming wedding.
If your want to book a magician for a party in Dorset contact Edward on 07814 135569 or email info@www.edwardcrawford.co.uk for more details


Corporate Magician Dorset

On Monday night I was booked by Nissan to perform at the opening of a new showroom in Dorchester. This event was open to members of the general public and I was hired to perform close up magic and mind reading to the guests as they mingled in the showroom. I performed for just over 2 hours; performing for small groups at a time, each group watched and took part in a ten minute routine which would involve all those watching. When  performing at events of this nature I will usually perform 4 or 5 different routines throughout the evening to ensure people see something different each time. My favourite part of the evening, and the most scary part, was trying out a new routine for the first time. A hard one to explain but to put it in it’s simplest of terms, someone would remove a match from a matchbox and write their name on it (fiddly!) the match would then be mixed up with the rest of the matches and covered with a handkerchief, using sensitivity and something known by the esoteric term, psychometry, I would find the match! So far I’ve had 100% success with this, next step will be to try it when the match is mixed into a bowl of 100’s of matches. The whole evening was a huge success and I had a lot of fun performing for everyone. If you’re after a Dorset magician for your next corporate event please get in touch to discuss further details.

Wedding Magician Dorset

On Saturday afternoon I was hired to perform at a wedding at the Harbour Heights Hotel in Poole. The bride and groom had seen me perform a few months before at a friends wedding and booked me on the same day to perform at theirs, always my favourite compliment. Timing was a bot of an issue as I had to be in Lincolnshire that evening for another performance so whilst normally for weddings I’m always happy to stay a little later for this one I had to be gone by no later than 3pm. Thankfully everything was running on time which makes a rare change for a wedding. I performed during the drinks reception immediately after the ceremony. I always think this is the best time for a performance at a wedding as the bride and groom are off having photos and it’s a bit of a dead time for some of the guests. I like to keep things fairly casual, mixing and mingling with the guests performing for small groups at a time, often bringing people together so strangers will meet for the first time, giving a bit of unity to the wedding party. Each group saw a 10 minute performance, reading minds and general mind magic. Thankfully the bride and groom were back from photos before I had to leave so I had a chance to perform a routine specially for them. It was a fantastic wedding with a really lovely group of people, which has in turn led to another booking later in the year at the same venue.

If you’re a after a wedding magician in Dorset please get in touch.


Close Up Magician

Close Up Magician Dorset

Edward will mix with your guests, whether seated or standing, engaging them in intimate displays of his stunning mind reading and contemporary magic.

Wedding Magician

Wedding Magician Dorset

A wedding magician is the perfect way to entertain your guests with a truly astonishing and unforgettable performance during the quiet periods of the day

Corporate Event Magician

Corporate Event Magician Dorset

Edward specialises in creating unique corporate entertainment for events including dinner and cocktail parties, team building days, trade shows and awards ceremonies.

Christmas Party Magician

Christmas Party Magician Dorset

From small, intimate private parties, to grand balls and banquets, Edward’s performance will ensure a magical and memorable event over the festive period.

Stage Show Magician

Stage Show Magician Dorset

Edward’s stage show combines amazing demonstrations of mind reading with humour, all the while ensuring that the audience get to participate throughout the entire show.

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician Dorset

A combination of the theatrics of a stage show whilst allowing Edward to interact with each of your guests, making the whole performance far more intimate and personal.

“The best show I’ve booked ever”
World Bank Group
“Absolutely superb. We were stunned”
Nokia UK
“Magical, mind reading brilliance. Left us completely bewildered”
David Clark - Mercedes Benz International
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