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Award winning magician and mind reader

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Edward Crawford

Berkshire Magician

Award winning magician and mind reader

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Edward Crawford is a full time professional magician performing throughout Berkshire and the UK. Each year Edward performs at over 200 events for corporate and private clients. He has won numerous awards for his unique style of magic, most recently in 2018 the LUX international award for best guest entertainer and in 2019 the best wedding entertainer. If you’re after a Berkshire magician Edward really is the very best, you can read testimonials from past clients HERE.

As a Berkshire magician Edward has a number of performances suitable for every event including weddings, corporate events, Christmas parties, banquets, balls, dinner parties, cocktail parties and private parties. Close up/table magic is perfect for drinks parties, dinners and weddings. Edward’s stage show is ideal for corporate events, charity shows and awards ceremonies. If you require the theatrics of a stage show but don’t have the space then Edward’s parlour/dinner show is ideal. A show designed to be performed in any venue for small groups, ideal for private dining room and homes. More details about all these performance styles can be found HERE.

Edward’s brand of magic is known by the esoteric term of mentalism. This refers to magic of the mind, the easiest (laziest) way to describe it is if you are familiar with Derren Brown then what Edward does is very similar. With Edward you get no camera trickery or stooges like you may see from some TV magicians. Everything happens close up in front of your eyes. Seeing really is believing. Reading minds, predicting impossible to know events,controlling the future and bending metal with his mind. All this and more will be witnessed. No matter what type of event you are planning Edward’s act is guaranteed to leave your guests amazed, amused and astonished.

To see Edward in action go to his VIDEO page or the GALLERY for pictures of some of the thousands of events Edward has performed at. In the last year Edward has set up a facebook page for past clients to post reviews, pictures and videos from his shows. You can find that HERE.

If you’d like to hire a Berkshire Magician simply fill in the enquiry form below or contact Edward on 07814 135569.

Berkshire Magician – Reviews

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for last Friday. You were absolutely fabulous and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment that you spent with us. Thank you once again for entertaining us.

Sophie Johnson – Royal Bank of Canada GAM

Edward is a talented, charismatic, professional. He attended a private event we hosted for a small group of elite professionals – and we were all baffled by his show. His ability to entertain and to read people’s minds is outstanding. If you are looking for a talented professional, who will entertain your friends – Edward is the man for you. You will NOT be disappointed! He is truly AMAZING and TALENTED – HIGHLY recommend! Thank you Edward for an unforgettable performance! It was highly entertaining. I feel like we won the lottery finding you for our group!

Karen Tham

Thank you for attending our event on Thursday evening, our guests were utterly amazed and you continue to be discussed in the office over your talents!  It was truly brilliant, such art.

Swiss Re.

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Blog Archive:

The following are blogs taken from my old website. I have thousands of these entries and over the next few months I will try and copy and paste the most relevant ones over. Hopefully these will give an idea of some of the past events I have performed at.

Corporate Magician Berkshire

On Saturday night I was hired by the aerospace company, Rockwell Collins, to perform at their annual New Years celebration (late in the new year as it was February!!) at the Macdonalds Berystede Hotel in Ascot.

When the client initially contacted me they weren’t entirely sure of the type of performance they required, they were thinking either table magic or my cabaret show. When ever this situation arises I will always call the client to discuss things in more detail. As soon as I spoke to them it became apparent that they had quite a packed evening with drinks, dinner, speeches and a band so therefore I felt it would be too much to try and fit the cabaret show in as well so a close up performance was the way to go.

On the night itself I arrived an hour early to check out the venue, I have been here before but i’d forgotten and didn’t realise until I drove through the gates! I always like to arrive before the client for corporate events. It gives me a chance to prepare, meet the staff at the venue and prepare any logistics. By the time the client arrives I’ll be sorted and I’ll be one less thing for them to worry about.

As far as my performance went I started at 7pm as people arrived for the drinks reception (I actually started a little later than this as I always like to give people the chance to get in the door and get drinks in hand before I start). I performed for about 40 minutes during the drinks reception. I always like to keep things simple and relaxed during this most informal of time, what I like to think of as my warm up before I get into the heavier mind reading later!

As soon as people were seated for dinner I started performing at the tables. There were 12 tables, each with about 10 guests. I had approximately an hour and a half to get around the tables before the band started to play which meant each table could have a 10 minute routine.  It’s always hard to work this out for certain in advance as I will always stop whilst the main course is served but in this case I could perform at one end of the routine whilst the first few tables were being served, by the time the waiting staff got to me, the first few tables had finished eating and I could perform for them. The logistics of this doesn’t always work out so well but last night was perfect. It even gave me a five minutes left over at the end to perform a special routine for the table of directors and the people who’d been kind enough to book me.

The whole evening was a huge success and I was very pleased to be asked by the company to perform at another event for them next month. In my next blog entry I’ll write a little more about an actual performance and slightly less about the practical side of things.

If you’d like to book a Berkshire magician for your corporate event please get in touch.


Berkshire Magician – Dinner Show

On Saturday night I performed a small cabaret show at Maple Durham Golf course. This was an event for club members, a dinner followed by a show. This is always one of my favourite type of events to perform at, a small intimate affair where I get a chance to get to know the audience. I started the evening performing close up at the tables. In this way I could chat the audience prior to the show and get an idea who would be the best people to work with later on for the main show. My dinner show is basically a smaller version of my main stage show, designed to be performed at any event without the need for staging and a day of set up before hand. I can get to the venue and be ready to go within an hour.

The show itself is about an hour long. Throughout the show all of the audience are involved in feats of mind reading and psychological magic and illusion. What I like best about performing a formal show in an informal environment is that I can change things about during the show. Halfway through this show I decided to perform something I rarely get  chance to perform due to it needing the perfect audience member. There was one lady who I thought would be ideal. Together we performed a routine that involved dowsing using a crystal pendulum. This is about as close to a a real demonstration of psychic powers that I’m willing to believe in. I was as amazed as the audience when it actually worked and have no idea how it actually works. If you ever see me perform ask me to try it out, truly amazing when it works.

The whole evening was a huge success. I stayed around afterwards after packing up (my least favourite part of any show) to chat to the audience and was very pleased to get a couple of bookings for private events later in the year.

If you’re after a Berkshire magician for your event please get in touch. 


Close Up Magician

Close Up Magician Berkshire

Edward will mix with your guests, whether seated or standing, engaging them in intimate displays of his stunning mind reading and contemporary magic.

Wedding Magician

Wedding Magician Berkshire

A wedding magician is the perfect way to entertain your guests with a truly astonishing and unforgettable performance during the quiet periods of the day

Corporate Event Magician

Corporate Event Magician Berkshire

Edward specialises in creating unique corporate entertainment for events including dinner and cocktail parties, team building days, trade shows and awards ceremonies.

Christmas Party Magician

Christmas Party Magician Berkshire

From small, intimate private parties, to grand balls and banquets, Edward’s performance will ensure a magical and memorable event over the festive period.

Stage Show Magician

Stage Show Magician Berkshire

Edward’s stage show combines amazing demonstrations of mind reading with humour, all the while ensuring that the audience get to participate throughout the entire show.

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician

Dinner/Parlour Show Magician Berkshire

A combination of the theatrics of a stage show whilst allowing Edward to interact with each of your guests, making the whole performance far more intimate and personal.

“The best show I’ve booked ever”
World Bank Group
“Absolutely superb. We were stunned”
Nokia UK
“Magical, mind reading brilliance. Left us completely bewildered”
David Clark - Mercedes Benz International
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