5 Reasons to hire a magician for your party in London

Each year I perform at over 200 events with the majority of those in London. Below you will find the reasons I think a magician is the ideal choice to entertain your guests at your next event. If you’re having a party in London the following may be the ideal entertainment for your guests.

  1. Diversity of performance. Most magicians will have a range of performance styles. Close up magic for drinks parties, table magic for dinners. A full stage show for larger events and (in my case) a more intimate dinner show. This means that no matter what the nature of your event a magician will be able to supply entertainment suitable to your requirements.
  2. Suitable for any venue. Over the years I have performed at a wide range of venues from Tower bridge to a private yacht in the South of France. Indoors or outdoors, a private house, a restaurant, a bar or a rented castle, no venue is too big or too small. As noted above, with a wide range of performance styles any venue is suitable to a performance of magic. As long as your magician has insurance (I do) venues are always happy for a magician to perform.
  3. Ideal for all age groups. Whilst I am predominately an adult performer only there are magicians suited to all age groups. So whether it’s a children’s party or 80th birthday party a magician will be ideal entertainment for all your guests.
  4. Entertainment your guests will never forget. To experience magic close up first hand is not an everyday event. It’s one thing to see it on TV, it’s a whole new experience to witness it for real and something people will be talking about for a long time. I often run into people I have met before at previous events, often from years ago and they’ll be telling their friends in detail exactly what they saw me perform before or telling me that they have kept souvenirs from my past performances. Your guests will be talking about a magic performance for years to come and therefore talking about your event.
  5. Many forms of party entertainment involve hiring numerous people with considerable set up required. This will add to the cost. A magician is generally one person and in the case of a close up performance no set up is required. This will mean a magician can be considerably cheaper than many other forms of entertainment.


Edward Crawford is a LONDON based Magician and mind reader specialising in a style of magic known as mentalism, reading minds and predicting thoughts. He has been a full time professional magician for over 10 years and performs around the world at corporate and private events.

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