Each year I perform at about one hundred weddings throughout the UK. I'm frequently asked for recommendations of venues from future brides and grooms so thought I would take this quiet time during the lockdown to compile a list. I've decided to do this by county starting with Surrey as this is local to me. If you're looking for venues in other counties I will slowly (very slowly) be creating these but if there's nothing up yet get in touch and I can share my opinions. 

The venues I've included below are one's I have worked at regularly and had the best experience from the staff and witness a general level of quality and attention to detail in making your big day special.

  1. Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa - London Road, Bagshot. Pennyhill park is part of the exclusive group. All of their hotels seem to offer superlative service with some of the most friendly and helpful staff I've ever come across. The hotel is based in an ivy clad mansion with stunning grounds. Over the years I've performed at weddings within the mansion and in the pavilion in the garden, both make for an unforgettable location. The food is always top quality and the service the very best. Highly recommended.
  2. De Vere Horsley Towers - East Horsley.  Another hotel that is part of a chain, this is not a negative though as De Vere are some of the best hotels in the world. Stunning architecture set in stunning grounds, amazing food and superb service. What more could you ask for. The wedding chapel is stunning, as is the room the wedding breakfasts take place. Even if you're not getting married it's worth a visit. I've performed at a few corporate functions here as well over the years and they're equally good at hosting functions of this nature.
  3. De Vere Wotton House - Guildford Road, Dorking .  Ok, another De Vere hotel. No I'm not being paid to advertise their venues (although if they want to give me a free weekends stay when the lockdown is over I won't say no). The fact is their hotels are some of the very best in the world. The weather always seems to be shining when I perform here and most of the receptions I'be performed at have taken place in their stunning gardens. A particularly memorable one was a picnic in the grounds. The food supplied was excellent and the general atmosphere was so relaxed and enjoyable (not something that can be said of every wedding!). If I was to have an outdoor wedding this would be my venue of choice.
  4. Nutfield Priory Hotel and Spa - Nutfield. This ones part of the handpicked group and another converted mansion house. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, ideal for your wedding photos this is another beautiful location. I have a bit of a thing for stained glass windows which this hotel has in abundance. The hotel has been beautifully converted and is ideal for any function.
  5. Loseley Park - Guildford. Another converted manor house but this one has a 17th century tithe barn (not sure what a tithe barn is) in which the receptions take place (at least all the ones I have performed at). The grounds here are particularly stunning with a walled garden. The panelled hall in which the ceremony can take place is particularly beautiful. One of the best I've been to in the UK.

Whilst this list is far from comprehensive, hopefully it will give you a few venues to check out. As more come to mind I will add to this list. If you want more details about any of these venues or have another in  mind (chances are I've been there at some point) please get in touch, always happy to offer advice.

Edward Crawford is a professional magician and mind reader performing at weddings, corporate events and private functions throughout the UK. Each year Edward performs at over 200 events at locations throughout the UK and the world. For more details for events in Surrey head over to the SURREY PAGE. For the rest of the world click on the home button above and for information about Edwards performances at weddings go to the WEDDING PAGE.

Every week I am inundated with emails asking if I will be performing my show in London and where it can be seen. The truth is most of my shows these days are private events in the corporate market. Whilst I do put on a few public shows each year these are few and far between and tickets generally sell out before I get the chance to advertise (when I do advertise you can find details on the London page HERE). The next question is whether i can recommend a magic show in London, therefore I am writing this post so I have all the information in one place and can direct people here.

The following are regular or semi permanent London magic shows. Throughout the year a number of touring shows will hit London, I recommend viewing theatre listings for these.

CONJURING AT THE COURT - This show has been running since 2009 at Draytons Court hotel.  It takes place on the last Thursday of each month and hosts a wide range of different magicians and performers. I've heard good things about this show although as it's different magicians every month I would imagine the quality is very much dependant on who is performing.

SIMON DRAKES HOUSE OF MAGIC - Whilst the majority of shows here are for private events Simon opens to the public a few times each year. This truly unique show takes place in Simon's house, a museum to magic and the macabre.  Explore the curiosities, enjoy dinner and drinks and top it all off with an unforgettable magic show. This is a show like no other.

THE GENTLEMAN CHEATER MAGIC SHOW - This one seems to move around a bit but at present it can be seen at the Radisson Blue on Mercer Street on the last Friday of every month. Performed by Christian Gambin, he presents an interactive close up magic show with an emphasis on cards and demonstrations of card cheating in a gambling environment.

THE MAGIC HOUR - An evening of Victorian/Edwardian style parlour magic performed in the intimate setting of the Grand Royale hotel near Hyde park. Generally seems to be on a Thursday or Friday evening. Tickets are limited so book early.

If you're after an old fashioned Music Hall type event I heartily recommend checking our Brick Lane Music Hall. Magicians can often be found on the bill, including myself on very rare occasions.

Whilst this isn't a permanent show I can't write this post without mentioning the Magic Goes Wring show currently in London. One of the funniest nights I've had in the theatre for a long time. Highly recommend catching it whilst you can.

If you have a show in London, let me know and I'll add it to my list.


Edward Crawford is a magician and mind reader performing throughout the world at private and corporate events. He specialises in the esoteric field of magic known as mentalism (reading minds and predicting thoughts). Edward is based in LONDON but spends most of his life travelling to shows around the world. On the rare day Edward isn't performing or stuck in traffic/an airport lounge he likes to spend his days napping.


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