Wedding Magician London

Wedding Magician London – A LUX Wedding Awards Winner

Picture this. Your big day has arrived at last, and you're both super-excited about getting married. You've spent months organising everything to perfection, creating an event that your guests will never forget, studded with powerful emotions, full of passion and drama.

Every moment has been beautifully choreographed, everyone's having a wonderful time, and your wedding magician is about to take to the floor to deliver an awe-inspiring performance. An expectant hush falls on the room as Edward Crawford strides in, and a very different kind of magic begins...

Your guests can't believe their eyes. They huddle closer and closer in an effort to figure out how he does it. And they fail, of course, thanks to his extraordinary sleight of hand and the brilliant illusionist skills he's been perfecting for years. It's already starting to look a lot like real magic! 

Wedding magician and mind reader Edward Crawford has been performing his remarkable close-up magic act at weddings for 15 years, delighting guests and amazing happy couples alike. Because magic and weddings go together like strawberries and cream, his performances strike a big hit every time.

When's the best time for a wedding magician to do their thing?

Quiet times can be tricky, those times in between, say, the ceremony itself and the evening 'do'. They're a great time to slot in some entertainment to keep the momentum going. Other popular times include during the drinks reception, at the wedding breakfast and as part of the evening entertainment. Whatever you choose, Edward will tailor his act to suit your unique circumstances with a potent blend of magic and mind reading, sprinkled with wicked humour.

Wedding Magician London

Psychological illusions you'll remember forever

Obviously we don't want to give too much away, but a combination of contemporary magic and impressive mental skills makes Edward’s psychological illusions some of the most extraordinary you and your loved ones will ever experience.

There's no pulling bunnies out of hats, no boring card tricks, none of the traditional 'magic' you might expect. This is darker, more contemporary stuff. It's genuine, it's meaningful and it's totally mind blowing.

You and your guests will be stunned by Edward's mind reading feats, open-mouthed in wonder as he moves objects with nothing but his thoughts and carries out wickedly clever psychological deceptions designed to impress.   

What could be better than leaving your guests with a genuine sense of awe, having experienced  such a stunning performance that they can't quite believe their eyes? One that'll have them exclaiming “Do you remember when...” every time your wedding is mentioned?

Edward's performances are famously erudite and refined, ideal for such a special occasion. They resonate with emotion, leaving even the most cynical guests with a real sense of wonder. It's unforgettable.

A performance created to complement your wedding's style

No matter what your requirements, whatever type of wedding you're planning, Edward will tailor his act to create the perfect experience, something to suit the mood and style, something memorable. If you have any questions, he'll be delighted to oblige. If you're searching for a talented, award-winning wedding magician, in London and beyond, he'll be thrilled to hear from you.

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