You're planning an event. A very special event. It might be a conference or a team building day. It might be a birthday party, an anniversary, a wedding, a hen night or stag night.

These days the pressure is on as an increasing numbers of people push the boat out to make their particular event special, unique, unforgettable. Luckily Edward Crawford is at your service, a magician whose magic skills are so fine-tuned, so well-honed that they will blow your mind!

Contemporary magic – Crawford's work is both dazzling and unforgettable

Not so long ago magic was a dying art, a dull thing of card tricks, bunnies in hats, not-so-mysterious interlocking metal rings and ladies sawn in half. But in recent years a fresh new breed of remarkably talented magicians has brought magic back to sparkling life.

Think Penn and Teller, Dynamo, Derren Brown, Criss Angel, Ricky Jay, Kevin Spencer, Harry Houdini and more, all of whom are packing enormous venues to the rafters and thrilling thousands. They're superstars. Imagine if you could hire your very own magician to explode your event into extraordinary life, delight your audience and create a vivid impact they'll remember forever?

Luckily Edward Crawford offers exactly that – live contemporary magic designed to blow your mind, baffle you, make you exclaim out loud, keep you awake nights. If you're looking to hire a dazzling magician in Kent, Edward will be delighted to oblige.

The coolest magic show on earth

Edward Crawford is a magician for grown-ups. He's smart, sophisticated and charming, and he'll help make your event go with a proper bang. Remarkable close up magic, an extraordinary stage show and a close-up feast of a parlour show make for intimately fascinating performances as Edward astonishes guests with his mind reading skills, sleight of hand and extraordinary brand of psychological entertainment.

Magic tailored specially to your event

Whether you require a full stage show or an intimate close up performance, Edward will tailor his act to suit you. And that means every single performance is unique. No cookie-cutter 'here we go again' stuff, just fresh, compelling contemporary magic that helps showcase your event perfectly.

A specialist in corporate entertainment

Because Edward specialises in corporate event entertainment, he isn't phased by large crowds. In fact he thrives on them, putting on at least 150 shows every year for large, respected brands like Glaxo Smith Kline, Nokia and M&S, all rich in audience participation and designed to dovetail perfectly with the ethos of the brand.

Loving working with smaller crowds

Smaller crowds and events are also a passion of Edward's becase they let him home in on close-up magic, the kind it's really hard to get away with because people are on the alert, watching your every move. However sharp-eyed you are, you won't be able to spot how he does it. Sometimes magic really does feel like genuine magic, and this is one of those times.

You'll find his style incredibly entertaining. You might be cynical, you might not believe in magic... but you'll still find yourself wondering how on earth it's done. He keeps everyone entertained, on the edge of their seats, and his sharp, humourous delivery adds an extra slice of tension and delight. No silly costumes. No sparkly stuff. Just a very smart man, in a very smart suit, doing very smart things.

Magic for every occasion

Let's talk about magic for your next event

A magician covers those awkward pauses when people are at a loose end. They can perform whatever the weather. And magic really does bring people together, as they marvel at what they've just seen but can't quite believe. It's funny. It's interactive. It's full of surprises. If you want to treat your guests to all that and more, complete the form here (link to form) and Edward will get right back to you.

If you'd like to see some video footage of Edward in action, head to YouTube

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